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the Taliesin conversations 2021

online via zoom

The Taliesin conversations is a series of five online presentations that use the story of Taliesin as a catalyst for dialogues about ways to orientate our thinking in the storm of current affairs, how to re-member the self in a post-truth world and experience culture as the immune system of society. Learn more.


Taliesin is the name of the Welsh bard who drank from the ‘cauldron of knowledge’ and set out to free Elfin from the chains of untruth and the limited narratives of the ruling court. It is the story of a cultural hero whose ability to remember who he really is aligns him with the forces of the future. It is our story, and we will use it to create a field of enquiry and reinstate the authority of the imagination.

Sundays 5.00pm - 6.00pm (timezone Australian Western Standard Time) on August 15,22,29 & Sep 5,12 online (zoom)


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contributions by donations - this project is enabled by contributions from participants in line with the ideals of community supported culture. 

In the Taleisin conversations we will attempt to create a field of collective enquiry, a place where we can invite the imagination into the conversation between us; to open up opportunities to step outside the box that many problems are packaged in. We aim to engage in a connective practice that supports deep sanity and that helps us to avoid the divisive effect of fear, panic, and polarisation.


Our conversations will be embedded in the bigger perspective afforded by the archetypal Tale of Taliesin. We believe that by detouring through what is timeless in this story we may arrive more readily at an understanding of what is occurring in our time.

the structure of the conversations


Each Zoom session will be sixty minutes long.

The story will be told in instalments followed by a presentation of the themes.

We will then break out into small groups that will dialogue with the help of the imaginations provided.

Each session will conclude with a sharing of insights.

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