In Theatre of the Sea we fuse multiple genres to produce installations and immersive events. We combine elements of site activation, experimental theatre, ritual, soundscapes and spoken-word performance to probe everyday mysteries such as sleep, time, death, love and humour.


Our work establishes temporary sanctuaries where acts of transformation take place in close proximity to the audience. In these ‘precincts of awe’ the essentially human stance is resurrected in a disintegrating world.


Ultimately, we aim to effect a therapy for civilisation, a secular ritual that enacts the future we wish to inhabit. 

tthe founders
Jennifer Kornberger

Jennifer Kornberger (Original concept/writer/co-director/co-founder of Theatre of the Sea) is a visual artist, cross-form writer and creator of performance events. Her poetry has won awards and commendations in national competitions including the Tom Collins Prize and the Newcastle Poetry Prize, and her micro-fiction is published in Short Australian Stories (Spineless Wonders 2018). She has written two collections of poetry; I could be rain (Sunline Press 2007) and The twilight observatory, the latter with the support of grants from the Australia Council and the WA Department of Culture and the Arts. Site-specific performance works include The Beemaster (2008), Scenes from an unseen world (2014), Oraculum – a ritual to renew time (2015), Forest of Poets (2016), Silence Speaks – a creative dissent project (2017), and 22 Pillars (2018), a collaborative work involving twenty-two poets in a re-imagination of place. 

Horst Kornberger

Horst Kornberger (Director/co-creator/co-founder of Theatre of the Sea) is an artist, director, author and poet-philosopher. He is an innovative thinker who has directed groups and communities in the development and use of aesthetic imagination and documented his research in five books. A graduate of the London School of Speech and Drama, Horst has collaborated and directed Jennifer Kornberger’s work and maintained an arts practice fusing visual, conceptual, environmental and performative elements in artworks such as Kompost - the heap between ecology and art (1999), The Honeyclock, (2000), Buddha in Honey (2005), Dark Light with Tom Mueller (Zweitgeist) (2014), The Delphi Project (2016), Silent Speaks - Roe 8 protest design with Jennifer Kornberger (2017) and Seaborne – a contemporary performance/ritual with artist Tom Muller (Zweitgeist) for the 2017 Fremantle Biennale.

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