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Feb 17, 2022
In Garments for Survival
I think human beings should not make the mistake of seeing themselves as the creators of technology, diseases, world wars, social-economical-spiritual- and cultural crisisses. That would be very presumptuous, indeed. We should become fully consciousness that there are spiritual beings at work behind all these events and that we are, for example, the users of technology, not the creators. The same as we are the wearers of the garments and not the creators. Our continuous challenge as human beings is to be aware of these beings at work and that our role is to always strive to find the right balance in whatever challenge or event we find ourselves in. We should not be oblivious to the fact that technology is the tool of a fully conscious, highly intelligent spiritual being and that most of us are unconscious of this significant fact and thus are unconscious users of technology: Herein lies the real danger to humanity. Technology truely has the potential to have a life of its own, independent of the human being, because of its Ahrimanic origins. In a similar way, we should wear whatever garment we choose or is given to us, with full awareness that it should be our conscious striving to wear it in a morally and ethically correct manner, with an earnest dedication to form a true understanding of what this garment brings to us and from which spiritual force it emanates. In understanding that we are in a triad relationship with spiritual beings and that we need to find the balance, we will understand the true meaning of our own godliness.


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