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Feb 20, 2022
In Garments for Survival
We're harvesting honey today and I'll try a glove
Beeswax cappings glove? more communal :) content media
Feb 13, 2022
In Garments for Survival
Immediate reaction after snake skin glove session - go naked! except for the crown. If wearing anything (my religion, my nationality, my party, my vaccination status) means I risk becoming restrained by it in my sense of freedom to be fully myself as Alicia the individual, free from pressure to fit my chosen worn identities, then I feel I should abandon my whole wardrobe. But I'm afraid. it seems very biologically animalistic/lower-self necessary to very quickly (without even thinking articulately) identify traits in other people that make me feel safe - are you like me? can I trust you on some bond we share? are you white? are you western? are you vaccinated? are you educated? are you Steiner? should I be wary or careful around you because you are different? I desperately look for a shred of connection with a stranger to know how to relate. So we wear our outfits to identify our traits so we can feel safe about connecting on similarities. How can I be more trusting of a naked person? or even better, how can I practice seeing an individual through the clothes they are wearing? Or conversely, how can I wear my clothes in such a way that they are interesting aspects of me without clouding the visibility of ME? The opposite: wear a mask or a full face veil so no one can see your traits and you can stay anonymous and mysterious and untouchable and safe... but oh so lonely! Thanks for the nourishing thoughts. Can't wait till next week.


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