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the rehearsal project 

In 2021 theatre of the sea is creating a new artwork, a 'social sculpture' based on the change-making ideas of Rudolf Steiner and artist Joseph Beuys. As the title suggests, the work departs from the convention of actors performing and audience spectating and creates a space where everyone participates in a rehearsal for real life. Audience members will join a core troupe under the direction of Horst and Jennifer Kornberger in the enactment micro-scenes and fables for our time. The 'performance' becomes a microcosm of society where we salvage the human future. We secure a dedicated space for the human to act human as a therapy for civilisation. 

The artwork is enabled by contributions from participants and audience members in line with the ideals of community-supported culture.

what is social sculpture?


Social sculpture was the term that artist Joseph Beuys used for any art that aims to shape and transform society or the environment. Beuys saw the interaction of human beings as a sculptural space that could be shaped, metaphorically, in the same way as a clay sculpture. The social sculptor uses language, thoughts, actions, performance and objects to effect positive change. Beuys held the view that society itself could become one great artwork to which every person could contribute creatively.

in what way is The Rehearsal a social sculpture?

The Rehearsal is inspired by Beuys’ idea of society as an artwork of collective creativity. The troupe that forms will experiment with the sculptural space ‘in between’ and the capacity to generate warmth as an artistic medium. We will work with  Beuys’ expanded view of sculpture where invisible materials used by everyone such as how we mould our thoughts or shape them into words becomes part of our process. In The Rehearsal we model a microcosm of society where these sculptural elements are consciously enhanced to create strong atmospheres and transformative encounters. The Rehearsal is a rehearsal for life, it is not a ‘show’ or a ‘product’ to be consumed by an audience. In fact, there is no audience as such, there are invitees who can join the rehearsal after a certain point in the process, and participate in it.


community supported culture

New models for funding arts and artists have emerged that work with the aims of social sculpture. These models prioritise forming ongoing relationships that sustain the work of creative, independent artists in community. To live from our work, we rely on direct support from people who perceive the value of our creative work in community.  You can make a contribution to enable The Rehearsal according to your means. 

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acting method and speech 

Theatre of the Sea works with the imagination-based acting methods developed by Russian theatre practitioner Michael Chekov. His approach allows an excavation of the genuinely human within the art of acting; above all it is uniquely capable of lifting ensembles toward a collective inspiration. 

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