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‘Before they left, the people had to decide what to bring and what to leave behind. There would be food and shelter in the new place, but the world wide web was tearing.

There was no guarantee that the i-cloud would rain data, or that they would be able to access their websites, their stored images, their emails, their snap-chats.

Do we bring one book each they asked? And which books should we carry into the future? But they were not allowed to carry books. So the people began to make a garment for survival.’


In 2021 we will begin to rehearse scenarios, create social sculptures and become a learning hub working with the social change ideas of Rudolf Steiner and artist Josef Beuys. We’ll focus on building capacity in community and harnessing the potential of the group for making transformative theatre. Led by directors Horst and Jennifer Kornberger we will explore scenes and micro-myths for our time and invite our audience to perform with us, rehearsing the future we wish to inhabit. We invite you to join.

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