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the Taliesin project in Denmark, Western Australia

write - perform - engage 

as part of the Denmark Arts Brave New Works Festival 2021


The Tale of Taliesin is an initiatory tale whose topics are highly relevant to the situation of the world today. The Welsh story of the bard/initiate Taliesin and his ward Elfin explores the stages of a truly creative response in times of societal and environmental crisis. Topics such as the birth of the poetic/creative capabilities and their inevitable confrontation with the abuse of political power, media manipulation and environmental devastation reveal their timeless dimension in this project.

Participants can expect an in depth journey to develop their capacities as writers and performers. the timeline for the project is as follows:

Stage 1 - five Saturday morning sessions of creative writing  to produce new material. 9am to 12.30pm Saturday 14th August to 11th September.

Stage 2  - editing phase. 

Stage 3 -  five sessions of performance technique Saturdays 9am to 12.30pm from 25 September to 23 October.

Stage 4 - dress rehearsal Friday 29 October. Two Performances Friday 29th October and Saturday 30 October at 6.00pm. 

Stage 5 - one conversation-based public forum on Saturday 6th November from 9 am to 12.30 pm on the topics in the tale. 

The project offers a journey into the Tale of Taliesin, compelling for writers because it provides a pathway to access the poetic imagination. Taliesin means ‘radiant brow’ in Welsh and his story outlines the archetypal process of becoming a creative human being.

We have taken this story of lyrical empowerment and designed original and easy-to-do exercises. Our aim is to lead the writer into connection with the dynamics of sound in language and the power of the four elements as tools of knowing and speaking about the natural world as a participant in a living process rather than a spectator. We will learn how to overcome ‘mumbling spells’ and ‘re-member’ our body poetic. Other topics include:

Thinking like a poet
The authority of the Imagination
The song-line of the essentially human
Truth and untruth in a post-truth culture


The project is suitable for writers at any level of expertise. It is a great way to find your poetic voice or extend the possibilities of your expression through contact with an archetypal story. The performance sessions involve tuition in speech formation for clear and expressive delivery, gesture work and storytelling technique.

This artwork is enabled by contributions from participants in line with the ideals of community - supported culture

contribution $260 (bursaries available)

register now places limited 

Community - supported culture is a model that prioritises ongoing relationships that sustain the work of creative, independent artists in community. To live from our work, we rely on direct support from people who perceive the value of our creative initiatives.

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